Live For Excellence

Empowering Our World

 One LiFE At A Time

What We Do

We intentionally empower and guide Leaders to gain full access to their potential. Leaders achieve this through amplifying goals, discovering conviction, and creating meaning that affects every aspect of their lives.

Our Mission

 We are committed to helping participants cultivate the tools needed to truly have access to “Live For Excellence” in anything and everything that is done.

We guide participants in discovering individual purpose and learning to genuinely love who they are. Participants will be committed, powerful and resilient in their relationships and goals that they pursue.  

Our Approach

We utilize tested therapeutic methods and simulations combined with coaching techniques and principles to teach specialized Leadership skills.   These skills empower participants to discover more about themselves, how they think, and how they interact to take charge and truly create the life they desire to through their choices.

Success Stories

“I can’t even begin to describe what they have created for me. I was reminded of the magnificent worth that I have! I am UNSTOPPABLE to what I can become! This was all because of this experience and these amazing people who love me! Thank you! “

Stephanie C.

“This was a life-changing experience for me, I am a new person because of this program. Thank you so much everyone who put this together. I love you!”


“I have learned so much. I’ve found who I am and became acquainted with my best self. Just as important I also now have a clear vision of who I want to be and I know I have the power, strength, and confidence within myself to be that person today. Not tomorrow, not ten years from now, but this very moment. As I explore this newfound friend within myself, I want to share her with every person I meet!”

Courtney H.